If you are searching for a property management team in the Rockingham or Waikiki area, look no further than the Summit Realty team whose expert local knowledge, coupled with their ‘experience, integrity and expertise,’ ethos ensures your investment property is in safe hands.

We understand that owning a rental property can sometimes be overwhelming and our Property Management team of nine experts are well-equipped to make the process as smooth as possible via keeping our landlords up-to-date on the status of their investment, their tenants and keeping on top of any maintenance challenges.

We have built a strong reputation as market leaders in the region. We know that to manage an investment successfully, a capable property manager is essential to ensuring the relationship between a landlord and tenant runs smoothly, while at the same time ensuring the care and maintenance of the property is of the highest standard.

The key to this comes down to communication. Our team prides itself on its personalised service and has an adept skill at building successful relationships with all our clients. The Summit Realty team are experts at acting as a third party between tenants and landlords to ensure peace of mind should any challenges or issues arise such as late rental payments, tenancy breaches or maintenance items.

We are proud as our low vacancy rate is below the local average. We know that for every week your property sits vacant, you are losing income. That’s why our full time leasing officer is dedicated to maximising your income and capital growth.

For more information about our expert property management services, please read our Guide for Property Owners and Investors publication.

Should you wish to discuss anything relative to Property Management, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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This twenty page publication provides answers to frequently asked questions, WA tenancy legislation and our service guarantee.

We have constructed this comprehensive property owners handbook as a service to our clients to familiarise you with our property management processes and procedures and tenancy management expectations.